December 14

The Last One

At last,

The day has finally come. This is going to be my last blog post of the year. It’s been such a fun year. I have had such a great time. I have learnt lots of things and can’t wait until I am year 6.

I liked doing making the imovies. I thought that was really fun and I did learn a lot. I thought that was a great idea, making a movie about what we learnt. My group was very successful and I won’t forget it. I also liked talking about maths. About new ways of doing maths. I really liked doing maths this year. I just like doing blog posts in general. I think that it’s good that I tell what I learn.

The challenging things this year are doing Literature circles. It was not fun because every week we need to do a task, 2 postered notes, 2 other things and a meeting. I did not enjoy it at all. One challenging thing that will happen is watching the year 6s leave.

My favourite part was doing maths. I learnt a lot and I liked the lessons of maths. Overall this year has been great and really can wait to be in year 6. I hope we do blogs again next year because I really like it.

And once again,

My Name is Nathan…

I will see you for the last time

December 9



Hello everybody,
Today I am going to talk about glogster. Glogster is an ICT tool 
that we used to present our Literature circle book. We have been 
working on it for 2 weeks. I like glogster because it is so easy to 
use and your projects look good. It was also good because you can 
share your ideas with other people.
Glogster is a tool that you make posters, you can even put videos on 
the poster! What was challenging was that you only had a limited amount
of space. Over all I really like glogster and recommend it to a friend!
Here is My glogster:
Do you like glogster? Please comment
And I will See you next time
November 9

Alessandro Dal Piero

Ciao a tutti,
Oggi ho intenzione di parlare di Alessandro Dal Piero. Alessandro Dal Piero è stato un italiano che è andato in Australia. Ho fatto un powerpoint su Alessandro Dal Piero. Ho dovuto scrivere il suo: Nome ed età, dove e quando è nato, cosa che ha fatto e informazioni aggiuntive.
Ecco l’powerpoint
(Hello everybody,
Today I am going to talk about Alessandro Dal Piero. Alessandro Dal Piero was an Italian that went to Australia. I made a power-point on Alessandro Dal Piero. I had to write his: Name and age, Where and when he was born, What he did and additional information.
Here is the power-point)

October 28

Interschool Sports!

Hello everybody,

Today I am going to talk about Interschool Sports. Interschool Sports is when you play a sport agents other schools. This semester, there are 3 sports. Soccer, volley catch and cricket. This year I am doing soccer. On November the forth, it will be our first match. I am looking forward to play soccer with friends I have never played soccer with. I hope to develop 2 main things, better accuracy and make better option. A good team will never give up and encourage each other.

Were you put in the group you wanted?
Please comment
See you later
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October 21

The Forest EcoSystem

Hello everybody,

Today I am going to talk about the Forrest Ecosystem. The Forest Eco system is the whole Forest.
Here are somethings I learnt

  • I discovered that the Forrest cover 6.5 percent of the earths surface.
  • Today I learnt that There are 5 layers in a Forrest.
  • The first layer is emergent. That is on top of the canopy.
  • The second layer is the canopy. It is on top of the under-story.
  • The third layer is the under-story. It is on top of the floor.
  • The forth layer is the floor. There is very little sunlight.
  • The fifth layer is the river. It is the last layer.

What is your favourite layer? Please comment.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed and I will…
See you later

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October 18


Hello everybody,

Today I am going to talk about angles. We have been learning about angles for the past 2 weeks. The teachers made a matrix for us to do. On the matrix there are question related to angles. I discovered that if you want to measure a reflex angle you have to measure the smaller angle behind it and take away it by 360.

Image result for measure a reflex angle
I was surprised that drawing angles wasn’t that hard as it sounds. I used my time well because I was able to complete it with a bit of help, some people did not complete it.

I thought that there was only 3 angles but there is more than 3. There is acute, right, obtuse, straight, reflex and revolution. An acute is an angle that is less than 90 degrees. A right angle is an angle which is 90 degrees. An obtuse angle is an angle that is more than 90 degrees. A straight angle is exactly 180 degrees. A reflex angle is more than 180 degrees. And a revolution is 360 degrees a full rotation.
Image result for all the angles
What is your favorite angle?, please comment.

See you later

October 14

The Melbourne Zoo

Hello everybody,

On Monday the 9th of October 2016 all the grade 5’s and 6’s went to the Melbourne Zoo. We went there, because our inquiry topic was on vulnerable, endangered and extinct species. The zoo chose ten species they want to save (the SOS). I discovered that just because the animal is not endangered, doesn’t mean it does not need helping. On Monday I learnt that lots of species are becoming extinct because people want more resources such as palm oil (to get palm oil you need to cut down palm trees and that is where orangutans live). Now I know why animals are becoming extinct so fast. The reason is, people keep doing CHIPPD, C stands for climate change. H stands for habitat loss. I stands for introduced species. P stand for pollution. The other P stands for poaching. And the D stands for disease.
Here is a picture of the Melbourne zoo
Image result for melbourne zoo

What is your Favorite animal?

Please comment

See you later

October 4

My Term 4 Goals

Hello everybody,
Today I am going to talk about goals! again.
My goal is that I can that I can write and type faster because
I write and type slow.
I can achieve this if I keep typing and writing quickly.
I chose this because I fall behind sometimes when
I type or write.
I think I don’t type quick enough and write fast enough.
I discovered that if I keep typing every single day I can type fast.
I know that if I write every single day I can write faster.
Image result for Someone achieving their goal
This is a picture of someone achieving their goal.
Good Bye!

September 14


Hello everybody,

In art we have been learning about ceramics. A lady called Cristina came in to teach us about ceramics. I really enjoyed it. I made a cave and something I don’t know. To make ceramics you need to dry clay. Last week we painted them. I used the colors red, yellow and black.

Here is my ceramics: